Is Hip Replacement Major Surgery

Published Nov 12, 21
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Total Hip Replacement Surgery

Although there are several methods for inserting the implants, the most common procedure is to insert through an incision underneath each breast, where there is a natural crease in the skin. The implants will be positioned as agreed in the consultation, to give you the shape and size you desire.

We use the full range of implants produced by Allergan™, a company that has been in the business for 25 years and their implants are FDA approved and have lifetime warranties. How much bigger will my breasts be? This depends on your personal preference and body as there are a variety of different sizes.

Hip Replacement Surgery MethodsHip Joint Ball Replacement Surgery

We also use a unique Allergan Natrelle™ Pre-consultation kit which is designed to educate potential patients about Breast Augmentation, while allowing them to try different breast sizes, trying sample implants using a specialist profile bra. What sort of aftercare is involved? You may be required to stay overnight in hospital immediately following your surgery and you will need to wear a supportive, surgical bra for a few weeks after the operation.

Left Hip Replacement Surgery

Any serious pain must be reported straight away. It is important to avoid any strenuous lifting or physical activity during this time to give your body a chance to recover and to allow the skin time to stretch and accommodate the implants effectively. How long is the recovery process? Most people take one or two weeks off work in order to allow themselves time to rest and heal.

Will I have scars? Breast Augmentation procedures always involve an incision so there will be some scarring. However, as these are positioned along the lower crease line of the breasts, they will not be visible in a bra or bikini top. Scars tend to fade over time and your surgeon can provide advice on how best to assist this process.

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Overview Our genes are responsible for the breasts we were born with, but we have ways to change how our breasts look and feel. Today, a range of cosmetic (aesthetic) surgery options make it possible to create a breast shape and size that better matches our body's frame or our personal preference.



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